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Our Mission

At HorizonAdsMedia, our mission is to make the Internet a better place. A place that brings relevance, value and enjoyment to everyone involved – advertisers, publishers and consumers alike. How do we do it? By never slowing down. By constantly innovating. By combining Horizon’s owned and operated media with our pioneering artificial intelligence and rich consumer insights. By connecting global brands to our industry-leading publisher network. By using game-changing strategy, shaped by decades of learning, to disrupt the industry as we know it.

Our Services

Creative production and media planning

Horizon delivers integrated approach on a turn-key basis, from creating an advertising message to content production. Our experts handpick the most relevant placement options, depending on campaign objectives. Competent media planning and a unique approach to creative help achieve max conversion and increase ROMI.

Social Media Marketting

If your social network account is not properly highlighted, then many users won’t know about your existence. Our job is to fix this issue. MobX helps attract real users on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, without resorting to bots or cheating.

Media Buying

We provides first-class UA through various sources: social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, myTarget), banner and video networks, private DSP channels, thematic sites and custom native integrations.

Affiliate Media buying

We unite more than 1000 trusted publishers, who supply their own unique traffic sources. If you want to enlarge your audience efficiently and at minimal cost - you’ve come to the right place!


We can boost your app to the top of the AppStore/ Google Play via content optimization, keyword customization and rapid growth of installs, ratings and reviews. We will help you conquer top charts without shady traffic and fake users.

Product Placement

We offer ample opportunities for native and custom integration into BrandStorm app network. This ad format has quite a few significant advantages.

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